The Science of Healthy Belting – with Chris & Steve of “The Naked Vocalist”

What is belting? How do you achieve it? What about doing it in a healthy and sustainable way? You may have experiemented on your own and hit a wall you just can’t break through. You’ve been wanting to sing higher and louder, but you keep getting hoarse after having a sensation of roughness in your throat that makes you cough. Maybe you’ve just been scared to even try, because you keep breaking into head voice as you try to sing higher, but you want that pop sound without the headiness.


These are all very common problems, and in this week’s podcast episode I talk to Chris Johnson and Steve Giles of “The Naked Vocalist” about the science behind belting and how to achieve the sound you desire without damaging your vocal cords.

Check out their website at for more awesome singing science and practical advice.